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Internet Marketing Integration: Internet marketing is more than just “SEO” or “Paid Search”.  Although these are components, by themselves they do not provide the ROI most businesses are looking for.  Think of each online marketing channel as functional piece of your automobile.  You may have a powerful engine, but without wheels, a steering wheel and […]

Matt Cutts participates in a white board Friday with Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz.  Hear about the hard lesson learned by Disney, and how to use server response codes properly.

See how VisaPro used and integrated various online channels to leverage their marketing potential.  VisaPro focused on usability and creating valuable content for their users.  They also research keywords that were most valuable for their business and optimized their website for those keywords. My favorite comment in their presentation is “Never Optimize for search engines, […]

I f you enjoy data, charts, and analytics you are going to love Hubspot for their hard work in putting these together.  HubSpot complied this data from a variety of sources, including analysis of our 2,500 business customers, surveys with hundreds of businesses responding, analysis of the data in our free tools like Website Grader, […]

The future is technology.  This video is very enlightening to the changes that take place daily and creates a great reference point for comparison. Search Engine Optimization is more important now than ever. Keeping up with technology is difficult as it is, and without a properly positioned website it will be more difficult to catch […]

Understanding and knowing the potential external influences when making a business decision is extremely important. It could be changes in government policy or in this case a change in search engines. Over the last few months Bing has been ferociously marketing their new search engine “BING” with great success.  According to comScore, Microsoft has increased […]

The search engine results page, commonly referred to as SERP, are the listed web pages that are returned when typing in a query in the search engines. There are several different types of results where a business can appear on the first page.  Often times the types of results are contingent on the type of […]

5 Basic steps to improve your website Update your page or META titles – Your page titles can be up to 65 Characters.  The page title is the title displayed in the search engine results. Each page should be optimized for a different set of keywords.  Duplicate page titles can divide page popularity. Update your […]

You web site needs to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.  All of your marketing campaigns, communication efforts, and any other form of correspondence should include your URL.  Ensure that one of your first goals includes getting listed in the major local search indexes, such as Google, Yahoo, Yellowpages, and Bing.  Look for […]